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Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance

Next to your home, your business is your greatest investment. You want to ensure you are protecting that investment with the right type of commercial property and casualty insurance coverage. At Katy Insurance Agency, we make it our business to find the best way to protect yours.

Business Property: Insurance for Your Building and Equipment

In its most basic form, business property insurance provides your business the financial protection it needs should your building, equipment or other property be damaged or destroyed by a covered loss. Covered losses tend to include fire, theft and vandalism.

For many businesses, a basic business property policy will be enough to cover the risk. However, most businesses will require some type of specialty insurance products to meet their unique property and risks:

  • Equipment breakdown insurance
    For companies such as manufacturers, your business depends on properly functioning equipment. With this policy, you can recoup losses caused by broken machinery, including costs associated with repairs, replacements and potentially lost income.
  • Equipment floater coverage
    This policy is a form of inland marine coverage, which protects property that is mobile, such as property in transit or laptop computers.
  • Commercial flood insurance
    Flooding is not a covered loss under any commercial insurance policy. Any property damage caused by flooding will not be covered unless you purchase this additional policy.
  • Business income insurance
    Also known as business interruption insurance, a business income policy will pay out income while your property is being repaired or rebuilt, as long as the loss was caused by a covered event.

These policies are just a sampling of the specialty offerings we have available to you through our partnership with regional and national insurance companies. Talk to our team today about your business to learn which policy or policies make the most sense for you and your budget.

Business Owner Policy (BOP): the Small Business Insurance Solutions
For small businesses with normal risks, we often suggest obtaining a business owner policy, or BOP. A BOP provides you with the general range of insurance coverage you will need to run your daily operations, as it combines commercial property insurance and liability insurance into one policy. While many businesses will find that a BOP meets all of their needs, we are available to discuss adding supplemental coverage such as commercial flood insurance to your overall portfolio. We suggest reaching out to our team today to identify the best small business insurance policies for your business.

Learn More by Contacting Katy Insurance Agency
If you are a new business just starting out, and you are unsure of what type of liability policy or policies will best meet your needs, contact our agency today.  

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