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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance may provide coverage for a business’s or organization’s directors and officers if claims are made against them, and it may insure against their personal losses.

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What Does D&O Liability Insurance Cover?

Directors and officers of businesses, corporations or nonprofit entities may be sued for their actions or decisions. Lawsuits may allege breaches of duties, misstatements, errors, misrepresentations or other wrongful acts. These lawsuits, whether from employees, stockholders, customers, vendors, clients or other parties, could potentially place the director’s and officer’s personal assets at risk.

D&O policies may help pay for associated legal fees (e.g., defense costs, settlements and judgments) and compensate the affected parties while helping shield directors and officers from personal losses. Our agents can provide more information on options, exclusions and limits.

Who Needs D&O Liability Insurance?

Entities with a board of directors or advisory committee should consider D&O insurance. Whether you are a publicly traded corporation, a private company or a nonprofit organization, the right D&O policy can provide essential coverage. It may also help you attract individuals to serve in those leadership capacities.

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