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Football Stadium Insurance

Football Stadium Insurance 

STADIUM INSURANCE DOES NOT APPLY TO “bodily injury” to any person while practicing for or participating in any sports or athletic contests or exhibition that you sponsor. In simple terms, injuries to players are not covered. This also includes, but not limited to, coaches, trainers, officials, cheerleaders or dance teams.


  • Clinics
  • Camps
  • Half-time Spectator Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Vendors/Exhibitors or ANY events for KIDS to name a few.

It only covers general liability for renting facilities for practices & games.


EFFECTIVE 2018 the way Certificate of Insurance for the LEAGUE has changed.

Due to recent litigation, the way a Certificate of Insurance is issued for the league has changed.  It has always been the intent that the league will have insurance coverage ONLY for the operation of the TEAMS that HAVE purchased our insurance coverage.  From November 13, 2018 forward the Named Insured will only be the team.  In the past, it included the League & the Team name.

The League will be issued a Certificate of Insurance showing them as a Certificate Holder of the Team.  A certificate holder is an Additional Insured, but only as respects to the operations of the Named Insured.  We will forward a copy of the Certificate of Insurance showing the League as a Certificate Holder to the email address listed on the League’s Application.

One thing that hasn’t changed:  Injuries to Participants ARE NOT COVERED.

For teams associated with a League:

REGARDING YOUR EFFECTIVE DATE Your coverage will be effective the day you complete the application AND make your payment.  Coverage will not be effective until we have BOTH application and payment.  Your coverage will expire on the date that your League Account expires.  Please check with us to confirm the expiration date.



Date you complete the application and make payment:                   April 3, 2023

Date your coverage is effective:                                                                  April 3, 2023

Date your League’s account was effective:                                             March 15, 2023

Date League’s account expires (all teams):                                              March 15, 2024 


Your coverage will be effective April 3, 2023 and will expire March 15, 2024.


This insurance program is written through a Risk Purchasing Group, which allows a large number of small sports organizations to combine their insurance under one policy.  The result – lower premiums for each organization.

When we write the coverage for teams in a league, we set up an account in the name of the league for accounting purposes only.   The league is not a Named Insured.  For each new league, when the first team in that league completes their application and makes a payment, that team’s coverage becomes effective on that date.  Coverage will expire 12 months from that day (for the first team only.)  

As each new team in that league completes an application and makes payment, they are added to the league’s account effective that day.

For all the teams in that league their coverage will expire the same day as the first team.  There is no pro rating of the premium, no cancellation and the premium is 100% earned, meaning, no return premium.


  • If you change leagues, your current coverage is not effective. Your coverage is only good for the league that you applied for.  Should you change league, you will have to reapply under the new league and make full payment.
  • If you change your team name, you will have to reapply and make a full payment.


I would caution you not to purchase your insurance until you know the effective date of your league’s account, so there will be no confusion of when your coverage begins and when it expires.  If you are uncertain of the effective and expiration date of the league’s account, call Skip Conner, and if he is not available, Kellie Sissom.

If a team selects to have coverage not related to a league account, the coverage is for 12 months from the date of application and payment.  The premium is higher for a single team as opposed to a “league team”.

The coverage under our policy is limited to “game day” and “practice” on fields that are on file with the company.  Our policy has been referred to as “Game Day” or “Stadium” insurance.  Our policy does not cover travel, cheerleader, half-time spectator performances/activities, community activities or other non-sports activities.  Selling of alcoholic beverages at your event is not covered and is an additional cost.  We provide the coverage you need to secure a field to practice and play on.

We DO NOT provide coverage for injury to your sport participants, or lawsuits that might arise from those injuries.  The policy does cover lawsuits arising out of injuries to spectators for which you may be legally liable.

Your coverage is limited but your cost is low.  If you feel you need additional coverage, please call our office for a quote for additional insurance coverage.  We try to keep it simple for everyone, and yet provide the coverage you need to lease a stadium.

We are not attorneys and do not practice law, however, we would recommend that all teams and leagues incorporate themselves in an attempt to limit your personal liability exposure to claims and lawsuits not covered by our insurance.  A second recommendation would be to have a well written player Waiver/Release form written by a competent attorney who understands sports liability.  There are web sites that provide samples of a “Adult Waiver/Release” form which you could use after your attorney has reviewed and signed off on.

 Coverage limits:

$1,000,000 Each Occurrence
$1,000,000 Personal & Advertising Injury
$2,000,000 General Aggregate Limit
$2,000,000 Products-Completed Operation Aggregate
$300,000 Damage to Premises rented to You – any one Fire
$ 5,000 Medical (spectators)
$ EXCLUDED Medical payments to Participants
$ EXCLUDED Legal liability to Participants

Accidents do occur.  April, 2007, a player in Houston, Texas broke his neck during a game.

It was no fun reminding the team owner that injuries to participants are not covered.


LEAGUE QUESTIONNAIRE                                TEAM APPLICATION

Listing of teams is for office use, no covergae.     

League Questionnaire                                   |                        Team Application

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Misstatements or omissions of relevant information by the client can lead to price variation or even declination or rescission of coverage. Information request to provide a quote or work on coverage will not be shared with carriers or with any other entity without the application's permission. To be clear: requesting coverage does not guarantee coverage can be provided. None of the information provided on this website is a guarantee that insurance will be provided or that the agency is obligated to procure insurance for the website visitor.

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