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Mobile Home Insurance

If you own a mobile home, having insurance coverage is essential. Like any home, mobile homes are vulnerable to various accidents and other incidents. Mobile home insurance can provide a layer of protection against the unforeseen, such as burglaries and weather damage. However, selecting the right policy can be challenging. Our agency can help you learn more about mobile home insurance so you can decide on the best coverage.

What Is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance provider in which you pay an insurance premium for protection against accidents or other incidents, such as vandalism. Depending on your coverage, you may be able to receive financial assistance following a covered loss.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Policies vary among mobile home owners, but standard coverage often includes the following:

  • Property protection helps insure your mobile home and any adjacent structures on your premises (attached patio, deck, shed, etc.) against losses due to fire, windstorm damage and damage from falling objects, lightning and explosions.
  • Personal property protection will typically cover losses for removable property such as electronic equipment, bicycles, furniture and clothing up to a certain amount.
  • Personal liability protection covers losses if someone is injured or something is damaged on your property. A policy may pay for medical expenses for nonresidents of your home and damages or defense costs resulting from other covered incidents.
  • Loss of use of your mobile home helps cover costs, such as additional living expenses, if your mobile home becomes uninhabitable following a covered event.

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How to Get Mobile Home Insurance

Katy Insurance Agency is ready to assist you in evaluating your mobile home insurance coverage options. Contact us today to request a quote.

Misstatements or omissions of relevant information by the client can lead to price variation or even declination or rescission of coverage. Information request to provide a quote or work on coverage will not be shared with carriers or with any other entity without the application's permission. To be clear: requesting coverage does not guarantee coverage can be provided. None of the information provided on this website is a guarantee that insurance will be provided or that the agency is obligated to procure insurance for the website visitor.

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