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Basketball Insurance

Our program is written through a Risk Purchasing Group, which allows a large number of teams to combine their insurance and purchasing power under one policy.  This results in a lower premium per team.

We set up an account in the name of the League, and then add each team to the league’s “policy”.  Each team will be issued a Certificate of Insurance that will have the League name/Team name (Women’s Blue Chip Basketball/Chicago Lady Eagles).  Coverage is for 12 months from the date the first team pays a premium and league coverage is put enforced.  For all other teams that are added later, their coverage will expire the same day as the first team’s policy.  

Example:  Chicago Lady Eagle’s team completes an application and makes payment on 04/01/2010 and they are the first league team to do so.  The league coverage begins 04/01/2010 and will expire 04/01/2011.  The Dallas Lady Diesel team sends in their application and makes payment on 05/04/10.  Their coverage begins on 05/04/2010 but will expire 04/01/2011.

There is no pro rating of premium, no cancellation and no return premium.  

Please call us for a quote.

General Liability without Participant Liability:

This is the basic type of coverage we offer. General Liability is exactly how it sounds; providing coverage for the named insured against claims from third party individuals such as spectators at sporting events.  Coverage is limited.  We call it “Gymnasium Insurance”.  We do cover practice gyms if the location is in a gym that is on file with the company.  We do not cover travel, personal appearances, or fund raisers.

There is no coverage for participants (coaches, players, cheerleaders, or official) or lawsuits that might arise from those injuries.  You do not have coverage if a team member is injured and decides to sue you.  We mention this because it is very important to know who is not covered.  This is a large risk that each team takes on and one which most teams are doing even if they do not realize it.  You do have coverage if a spectator is injured and you are liable.


        $1,000,000 Each Occurrence
$1,000,000 Personal & Advertising Injury
** $2,000,000 General Aggregate Limit
$2,000,000 Products-Completed Operation Aggregate Limit
$  300,000 Damage to Premises Rented to You any one Fire   ($ 5,000  Medical Expense any one person)
Excluded Medical Payments to Participants
Excluded Legal Liability to Participants
 **General Aggregate applies per team

Remember, incorporate, get a good waiver and practice good risk safety management.
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